Mission Statement

Our Mission "To Promote Companionship and Good Sportsmanship among Basenji Fanciers"

Founded on May 28, 1998, South Coast Basenji Fanciers is a Southern California club with the hub of its members from Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties. As our club offers a non-voting membership, we have several members who live outside the State of California, just so they can be kept informed of upcoming events via our newsletter, The Baroogle.  Currently we have over 75 members and are growing. We participate in Lure Coursing, Conformation, Agility and Obedience events, and we host fun matches as often as possible. The club meets the 4th Tuesday of the month to discuss current Basenji events, club issues, and yes, to brag about our dogs.

Our Core Values

To create, foster, and promote interest and quality in Basenjis, by encouraging breeding in accordance with the standards set by the Basenji Club of America.

To maintain among members, a high spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship.

To establish, as members of the South Coast Basenji Fanciers, Inc. a reputation of trust among buyers.

Most important, to improve and protect the Basenji, by keeping the good of the breed foremost in our actions to the best of our knowledge and ability.